Food and Hospitality in the Future


Welcome and Servus in the capital city of Austria

Dear members and “FCSI Ambassadors”,

I am delighted that the next EAME Conference will be held in Vienna on 06th – 09th April 2017 at the Melia Vienna Hotel.

The challenges in our business changes almost daily therefore a strong condition and resilient health are requested to run on the winning highway. The entire conference theme is focused on:

“Food and Hospitality in the Future”. The Conference team, chaired by Serdar Sağlamtunç FCSI with Josef Meringer FCSI, Sylvaine Bouquerel FCSI and Sabine Wagner Executive Director EAME supported by units and young professionals will set up an outstanding program with deep insights. It is our intention to prepare an impressing schedule to share inspiring knowledge at large. In our consideration is a tempting side program for the partners and additional heart-warming events.

We value your participation to the conference. Our Professional Design, Management Consultants and Corporate Members with various sponsoring packages will facilitate a successful event. This will be a good opportunity to communicate, networking and discuss many new items for a stronger brand FCSI. And don’t forget: Vienna is the door, the bridge to the markets in the East.

Professional translators will be in attendance for translating the conference into French, German, Italian and English.

We will be giving you regular updates through Twitter, the FCSI App, Foodservice Consultant magazine and of course by direct email, but if you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please check the web site from time to time.

We are looking forward to seeing you all and let’s waltz in Vienna.



Martin Rahmann, FCSI